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Beyond Clutter

Clients frequently ask about the mind-set I've adopted that keeps me on the de-cluttered path. They know I was a pack-rat, but de-cluttered my life in the 80's and still live a de-cluttered life. What keeps me going for the long haul? If you can't seem to get past the thinking stage of de-cluttering your life, here is a gem for you.

Earlier this year, I read a 1998 book by Anne Tyler entitled, A Patchwork Planet. A main character in the book, Barnaby Gaitlin is employed by the company, Rent-a-Back, Inc. While cleaning out the possessions of someone who has died, he says on pages 284-285:

"Every now and then, in this job, I suddenly understood that you really, truly can't take it with you. I don't think I ordinarily grasped the full implications of that. Just look at all the possessions a dead person leaves behind: every last one, even the most treasured. No luggage is permitted, no carry-on items, not a purse, not a pair of glasses. You spend seven or eight decades acquiring your objects, arranging them, dusting them, insuring them; then you walk out with nothing at all, as bare as the day you arrived."

This is what I call "a reality check." Clutter begins in your mind. What is your mind-set, today?