Tips to Grow Your Organizing Business

Paulette Ensign
Tips Products International

Recycle. Recycle file folders, plastic bags, paper. Recycle.

Well, how about recycling useful information... you know, all that good stuff you have been accumulating in your head for years! Here are some tips to recycle YOUR organizing expertise to serve you and your organizing business as a marketing tool, a revenue source, or both.

1. Write out those organizing 'sound bites' you are forever telling your clients, audiences, family, friends, and anyone else who will listen to you. Once you write out those tips, organize them into the most likely categories for your organizing specialty.

2. Consider the different formats that manuscript could become. You can print it as a booklet, record it as an audio tape, develop it into daily reminder cards, use a tip per day on a calendar, just to name a few of the many possibilities.

3. Map out how you want to distribute each of the products you chose from the above list. Some will be handed out to promote your business. Others will become new direct sources of income.

4. Notice how the products balance out the service side of your business. Products can be a good match for a client's budget when they cannot afford or are not ready to purchase your consulting or speaking services.

5. Plan to introduce at least one or two new informational products a year to expand your business. That allows you to stay in touch with your prospects, clients and former clients each time you launch a new product, all while growing your business.

Recycle your knowledge to nurture your clients and to nurture your own business development. Use those resources you already have for everyone's benefit.

# # # # Paulette Ensign is past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the director of her own California-based Tips Products International. She has products and services to support the success of Professional Organizers. Contact her at or 619-481-0890.