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" POWR is one of the best networking and promotional vehicles for professional organizers and clients of professional organizers that has come along in a very long time. It's on the cutting edge of an industry that continues growing on a daily basis. My highest compliments to Danielle Carrigan and Jim Russell for their insight, vision and commitment in creating POWR."

Paulette Ensign, National Association of Professional Organizers Past President ;
 CEO, Founder and Chief Visionary of Tips Products International.

"Through my site I have received queries from all over, not just Pennsylvania/New Jersey, and have referred many people to the web ring in general and NAPO in Texas. I also keep my NAPO directory by the computer so I can refer on the spot before potential clients lose momentum"

Leslie Robison,  Simple Systems

You do an excellent job keeping at the top of the search engine lists. I have gotten several clients who have said that your listing was the first directory that came up when they started looking online for a professional organizer. That is great to hear all the time and it certainly feels good being a part of the Organizers Power Webring. It contributes to the professional image that we are always trying to find ways to improve upon. –Thanks!

Andy Frasure,  Andy’s Organizing

"The POWR [Plus] Website that was built for me has really given me the 'power' to reach out to many more customers!  It was scary starting my own business, but the Website has proven to be an efficient, economical way of looking very professional!  Thank you so much!"

Janice M. Lascko, Efficiently Organized

"Just wanted you and Jim to know that I'm giving you credit for the increased interest in my services since I've joined the webring.   Thanks!"

Hariette Gershon,  Professional Organizer

"In May I had 12 potential clients call our company as a direct result of our web site.  They all said they found us through the Professional Organizers Web Ring.   The response has been wonderful!  Thanks!"

Jeanne Vaughan, The Best Move, Petersburg, VA

I finished my webpage and joined the webring yesterday afternoon.   I already had a response from my website via email last night!  Thank you!

Doug Bostick, Organization Systems, Farragut/W. Knoxville, TN

"Just checked in to see if anything was new and Wow, Wow, Wow! I love the new look - cheerful, friendly and readable…You've done a great job and I will be checking in regularly. Congratulations."

Nicola Gelling, Custom Assignments.com

"I really appreciate your efforts. I've had national companies find me through the Ring..."

. . . Anonymous

"...1999 should be a great year for you and your members. Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf…"

Kathie @ Office Valet, Inc."

"I wanted to thank you for featuring me as last week's PO. What an honor! I can't tell you how much we all appreciate the fine job you're doing with the webring. The site looks great, and I'm continuing to get lots of visitors from the webring. Although I haven't met you, I do appreciate your efforts and team spirit. Thanks again."

Debbie Williams, Let's Get it Together

"Thank you so much for your reply. You are doing a great job with the web ring and it IS a valuable resource to the members! Kudos to you for a job well done. It was good to remind me that I needed to post my events there.   I am a one-woman-show, so I often scurry around with marketing and writing and forget where I can get the word out. The reminder was great. I'd love to just focus on my clients, but unfortunately to get them, I have to hustle, so people know who I am and what I do! Take care and keep up the good work."

Coach Sandy[Maynard]

"Linking with your site makes sense. I don't have to worry about making sure I show up in the top 20 with the search engines because you always show up #1 or 2. Once a surfer is inside the Web ring, they'll find me."

Peggy Duncan-Atlanta, GA

"You guys are awesome!!  My [POWR Plus] web page looks great.  Thanks again!"

Angela Gomez, Angela's Complete Home & Office Organizing


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