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These discussions are a great place to post Q & A on all aspects of organizing.

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tack.gif (2358 bytes)  ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Canadian Discussion

tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Chronic Disorganization

tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Closets and Wardrobe

tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Computer Organizing & Software

tack.gif (2358 bytes) General Household Organizing
tack.gif (2358 bytes) Getting and Staying Organized
tack.gif (2358 bytes)  How to Become a Professional Organizer
tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Organizing for Children
tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Paper Management and Filing
tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Personal Coaching
tack.gif (2358 bytes)  Time Management

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